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You are the star of the story of your life. You’re also the director, the one who controls whether the plot goes round in circles repeating self-defeating patterns or whether it goes in deep to reset your default, reigniting your zest for life and catapulting you into a whole new chapter. If you want a different ending, start with a new beginning. I’m Jessica Derksen your life revitalization specialist. If you're ready to start a different story, let's work together!

Coaching Services

Group Life Coaching

Group Health Coaching

Group Health Coaching

Group Coaching is a three month program, each week we will dive into different areas of life, transformation and action. Living a life you love takes courage, as a group we will hold each other accountable and offer the courage to one another to take action each week to get you living the life you love.

Group Health Coaching

Group Health Coaching

Group Health Coaching

Group Coaching is a three month program, each week we will work on different topics related to health, transformation and action. Your health plays a huge role in your life and achieving your goals, that's why it's so important to take care of your body both physically and mentally. 

one-on-one coaching

Group Health Coaching

one-on-one coaching

It takes 21 days to create a habit, imagine what you can do in 90 days. At True to You, we believe that real lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why each of our programs are designed to be undertaken over 90 days with weekly coaching that is your time. These coaching calls are designed to put the spotlight on your needs and unlock the secrets to your best life. Whether you are struggling with excess weight or looking to address symptoms brought on by years of ignoring your body’s unique needs, we can work together to address the issues that are getting in your way for better health.

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Love Me - Love My Body Every “Weigh”, Shape & Form

You are truly magnificent, inside and out. That’s a given; it’s your birthright. The only thing keeping this from being your daily reality is YOU, your attitude, your self-perception, and the “stories” you tell yourself and others.   


In this ingeniously informative three month transformational experience, you’ll discover: 

- A true, holistic approach to nutrition & weight management rather than some quick-fix diet or military exercise regime

- An entirely revitalized mindset shift changing how you see yourself & your relationship with food

- How to eat effectively for your unique body to feel energized, not tired, bloated & lethargic 

- How easy it is to make positive choices & establish new habits in alignment with your goals

- How to improve other designated areas of your life, in addition to weight management

- That you deserve to love yourself, your body & to live the life of your dreams!


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