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I'm Jessica Derksen, a step-momma with two boys and a super handsome husband. I believe in all things Captain America, wine, working out, and that living your best life is the only thing everyone should do all of the time. PERIOD. I get it, living the life you want to be living is hard, and thats why I created this site, to talk about the real stuff that gets in our way, to work with real people like you and me to understand our fears, our habits, how our minds are the things stopping us from all the things we want, and from living the life we want to be living! Creating a life that you love, that works for you, is what I am all about. I have created the life of my dreams, and I'm here to tell ALL of you it IS possible, you can do it too! 


I LOVE to workout, and no I promise this site isn't about hard core working out; yes, I will talk about the importance of moving your body however that looks like for YOU. But, for me, working out is my medicine, it literally saved my life. My absolute favourite part about working out is the community. Working out with the boys, completing races with them is so much fun! I'm part of the most amazing gym in my city; the people, the trainers the entire community is what keeps me going every day. And if I'm being really honest on Wednesday, my girlfriends and I do workout and wine Wednesday, which is my outlet, my tribe, my thing that kicks my butt and keeps me going for the rest of the week.


If I couldn't travel, I wouldn't be who I am today. Since I was a kid, I remember my dad packing me and my sisters up in the car and heading across the country, we would stop way too many times to see hundreds of waterfalls and grain elevators along the way. All these things as a young child, I didn't appreciate at the time, but now looking back I know that's what introduced me to the world outside of Ottawa. I wanted to explore much more than I could have even imagined. In creating this life for me that I wanted to be living, travel has become a huge priority in mine and my husbands life. It is something we do alone, and something we do as a family every single year, as much as we possibly can. 

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How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs with Better Habits - Interview with ralph brogden

Jessica Derksen is Your Life Revitalization Specialist and is a huge believer that when you change a habit you can change a life. Jessica works with her clients by empowering them to make decisions that align with their goals and focus on what they get to have in their life instead of what they don't get to have.

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